Ashley Travis — Liar, Sh1t Talker, Scammer

Ashley Travis Liar, Sh1t Talker, Scammer. Ashley Travis aka Ashley Smart is the biggest whore I’ve ever met. She has 6 kids with 4 different baby daddies, All guys she tried to trap by getting pregnant on purpose and lying saying it was an accident. She’s the queen of spreading her legs and trapping guys, This broad is the BIGGEST manipulator known to mankind. She recently burned down her geared to income townhouse and set up like 5 gofundme accounts to scam money out of people who unfortunately didn’t know any better, meanwhile this b1tch makes a killing with baby bonus, other government credits and scamming small businesses by saying she never got the items she “paid for”, sure ya didn’t Ash….. Ashley thrives on trash talking other women behind their backs to anyone who will listen, spreading all kinds of lies and doesn’t give a fuk what kind of damage she’s causing other people with her lies, She only cares about making herself look good by lying about others but……. those of us who know her know the truth about this dumpster and know what kind of trash she truly is. She CONSTANTLY has CAS involved and claims “it’s voluntary” meanwhile her kids wear dirty clothes that are too small for them and look like they haven’t been bathed in days, Voluntary? I think not! To say I feel bad for her parade of kids is an understatement. Most recently she acts all high and mighty, like she’s all anti-racism YET her husband was charged not to long ago with a race related hate crime, Real winner you’ve got there Ash. Beware of this trash talking piece of trash, She’s a lying, manipulative, man trapping cvnt. Don’t believe a word she says or any of the sh1t she posts online. This trash couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it!

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