Michael Edwards — Fraudulent Wanna Be Low Life Vulture

This wanna be producer/gangster or just a black man trying to make up for his insecurities is a cautionary tale. He calls himself a father but sees his teen daughter every couple of years and he “owns” a record label aka has others doing his scouting without actually applying himself but just puts his name on ghetto ass music tracks so called wanna be player, throwed boy mike as he calls himself at 40 lol preys on the young and naive. Greg game is basic, being at his age creates a difficulty to maintain an erection but will go around bragging he “smashed,” more like mashed and left us disappointed. Piece of sht of turd, no merit to himself as man, validation is desperate but also smelly, take a shower fool. Caught him in his game and he’s mad about it.

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