Jessie A Owens — She Is Not Who You Think She Is…. Shady B1tch

Talks the talk and is very good at manipulative men into believing whatever she wants them to, she is constantly loves to make trouble and drama and acts like she is the Victim (She will make up a story and will enjoy the drama she created – laughing I have witness it many times ) But see I know her best for 13 years and now she is done no more keeping your dirty secrets……. Jessie has the attitude that will make you believe what she saying the moment she walks away for hangs up the phone she will laugh so hard sometimes it will make her fart and it’s smells gross but she says that smell is just the beginning. She even had me go with her to calls and have me to watch because she is scared to go alone, as a friend that I was to her I went for her safety, but for real I can’t believe how many different men she slept with in one day it will blow your fuking mind… she even had a group sex with huge black men counted 5 and just her and I had to watch, YUP Jessie it’s all coming out you are the worst friend, I saw it all and it wasn’t a nice photo for me to have in my head for the rest of my life….. she doesn’t care but her self I went on a call with her and I fell asleep on the couch she left without me nor did she even wake me up I woke up to 4 men around me and I walked home….. she is the worst person at first she seems cool and fun and trustable but she can’t keep a close friend she turns on them and plays with their head. I was there for her when she was tested drd I was there for her and she treats me like this SHAME ON YOU BECAUSE I KNOW ALL YOUR DIRTY secrets AND NOW I WILL SAY IT ALL SLOWLY she Not normal all the drugs she has and still is doing she really mixed up she acts normal but no she will turn on you that is what she does she gets so happy to see the creation she created and she laughs so hard when she plays she had no idea ….. YUP JESSIE YOU DID THIS TO mark, mosses, Daniel, gin, Paul and many more from Burnaby surrey everywhere …….. so if you know her 100% you will be wishing you never met her she will have your whole family fighting and she will act like she didn’t do sh1t action fake b1tch, she even had Sam robbed I was in the car with her while she telling these brown guys to rob this DD in surrey, she sets people up she needs doing this for the past 4/5 years now YOU THOUGHT I WILL LEAVE THIS OUT !!!! she up to no good now I just can’t be around her anymore I hope someone can be smart enough to figure her out and put her on the spot but she really good so She will get away with a lot until this post is read and hopefully you don’t fall under her stuioed acts of her pleasure. Guts and girls just be careful and don’t fall for her lies, nothing that comes out of her mouth is true, she is very quick in thinking of a story but dont let that fool you. SHe’s a good talker and knows all the right things to say, be smarter than her and don’t get mixed up with her in the first place.

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