Kiernan Mccormick Woman Abuser To The Max

Kiernan Mccormick Woman Abuser To The Max. Hi Nik, So this is Kenny McCormick also known as Kiernan McCormick (Taylor McCormick on Facebook) This man right here is a woman beater and animal beater. A few nights before cheque day i went over to go and see Kenny as we have been seeing eachother since him and his ex broke off a year ago according to him. I just want to warn you that I have bruises and marks from him. He doesn’t see his kid and I can see why. Careful around him he lives off prince albert with a group of people. One man named Steven Cyr, Tina Larose who I’ve heard they slept together and she is almost 60 and her daughter Amber. That being said WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS DON’T HAVE A BUNCH OF BUMS LIVING WITH YOU! SHE IS IN OCH HOUSING [REDACTED]

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