Zully Chaidez — DRD Queen

I really didn’t want to do this but I feel like it’s my obligation to let Tucson know about this hazardous slut. So a couple months ago I had met this girl Zully. She seemed nice, super friendly she even gave me her number so we can stay in touch. That was the biggest mistake ever. Zully also started talking to my boyfriend, she just seemed friendly so I really didn’t think anything of it which was my mistake. My boyfriend and I had a couple issues and he ended up hooking up with her. I didn’t know at the moment I thought I had a UTI. But it just kept getting worse there were bad odor and it would burn, I decided to go to the gynecologist. To my surprise I had Drds. When I confronted my boyfriend he told me everything. Not only did he go hook up with her but we also all got an DRD from her. I couldn’t believe it I thought she was already talking to someone, later to find out that the guy that she was talking to was in a relationship also. I had already heard stories about Zully getting around and clearly not giving a fuk if the guy was in a relationship. I thought was better than that Zully graduated from the UofA and she has a job downtown in the court office. But clearly it doesn’t matter. It did seem kind of strange that she didn’t have many girlfriends and when I would talk about Zully to my friends they would cringe and say watch your back she’s a backstabber. I honestly should have believed it…

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