Christina Alaquinez — Southsides FiNeSt

Where should I start with this poor excuse of a woman. Well for one she likes to spread her legs to every guy she meets. She has some kinda mommy/daddy issues. Has children that she FORCES them to like all her men she brings home if not she beats them and when i say beat i don’t mean it lightly. Engaged to a man she only knew for 5 DAYS! And her kids only met him ONCE. Now her new toy is stuck with her and apparently a lil birdie told me he’s fuking her oldest daughter and Chris has to PAY HIM to stay with her LMFAO. But sad truth is she’s a horrible mother. Slaps her kids just for wanting her time, yells and belittles them. She’s not nurturer she just cares about getting dicked down. Even her new guy has kids and this b1tch flat out stated she HATED his kids. Heard it myself. CPS is involved from what i heard but the system suks and she’s a good manipulator and liar. She’s fuking disgusting, and she has her kids fighting her battles. Poor souls but when you have a “mother figure” like that you either gonna end up like her or grow outta that and so far her daughters are just like her. She is no role model, she is not your friend, and she will fuk you over in any way she can if she knows it’ll benefit her. She’s fucked her family over countless times. This b1tch is a succubus in the flesh, a gold diggin h0e, and straight up crazy b1tch. She’s covered in stupid ass tats that look fuking horrible, like she gave her kid a marker to draw on her with. No morals no goals, just suks d1ck and suks the life from people. She looks and smells like trash. So here you go SA the “Woman” who claims she runs the Southside. Make her famous she loves the attention.

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