Peter Leon — Douchebag Of The Century

Peter Leon — Douchebag Of The Century. I give you Peter Leon the douchebag of the center. This meat head works at a local hospital & has been his entire 40 year old life. He really thinks the world revolves around working out & dating girl half his age (which he completely mooches off of). This guy has no direction in life he spends all his money on making crappy ndependent films that that no sense whatsoever. He was a married to a beautiful woman but of course cheater on her then tried to play the victim. Dated another beautiful blonde RN but soon she also kicked his a55 to the curve realizing he is a complete bum & he cried about it on Facebook like a little b1tch. This guy is a perfect example of why ppl needs goals in life not just pumping iron. So please kids do not be like this clown!

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