Jenni Fraser/Megan Thompson Napanee’s Finest Two Drunk Driving FLOPPY Homewreckers

Watch out for a burgundy jeep tj ,black ford escape or white mazda 3 driving around or parked in your driveway if you see possibility they are both or one of them is sleeping with your husband bf or friends! Be aware of them messaging your spouse if they are friends on your Facebook yet just women watch your men around them. Just because Jenni husband left her doesn’t give her rights to sneak around messaging and sleeping with people he knows or his friends to hurt the guy and try to compete with the well known drunk flussy Megan Thompson these are the two worst moms kids could have they left my place with them drunk in that jeep come to find out sleeping with husbands friends while kids playing Just a heads up whoever slept with either of them overheard husbands friend catching a DRDs from Jenni but heard about the three some’s they had so they both have the some of whatever So if you haven’t seen or know who they are i bet u will or have heard about them lol bet bunch reading this have slept with them GET CHECKED Ladies if you love your man watch for them on Facebook and their sneaky vehicles and if you think they are your friends just wait till they get their drinks in and try sneaky away in the dark with your husband if haven’t already but their fun will come to end when finally get caught so be aware of the Napanees finest two drunk driving sneaky floppy loose std spreading homewreckers good role models for your kids

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