LAYNA LANKTREE Crack Fueled Trainwreck Disorder

LAYNA LANKTREE Crack Fueled Trainwreck Disorder. Layna Lanktree is a manipulating lying stupid b!tch… She will do anything to make you her bitch and get you to do whatever shes wants… she doesnt give a fck about her friends shes so selfish its sickening… Shes in school to be a social worker when she cant even take care of herself because she claims ow for Borderline personality disorder so she can spend all the money on crack or blow her trashy drug dealer boyfriend DAN KUPER who rap battles for a living is a fcking loser who’s going nowhere in life just like her… she cheats on him constantly with anything she can get her hands on… Scum of the earth who cuts herself and tries to ruin people’s lives for a thrill because shes dead inside A crack fueled trainwreck!… she can be found every weekend licking the toilet seats in black pirates pub. Watch out!!!

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