Colton James — The Pu55iest Women Beater Ever

Colton James — The Pu55iest Women Beater Ever. I let him stay in my home for a month During that month I had to kick him out for shooting up at a friends Beating my sister and basically living like my home is a trap house He cheated and fuking destroyed my sister and still thought because I said he could stay here that it was bullshit for him to pay his rent and food bills….HES OLDER THAN ME! And honestly he has no problem beating on a women half his size but becomes chicken sh1t when A man threatens him and wants to fight, I’ve seen it. my brother in law had to get him away from my house because he broke my window (which cost me and my boyfriend 600$ to fix which that junkie obviously can’t pay back) and he ran and I mean ran because if he didn’t he was going to get thrown around for threatening me my boyfriend and beating my sister. Honestly the biggest fuking Pu55y I have ever met and deserves the fuking worst He fuked me and my boyfriend for basically 950$ and when caught by police after we reported the missing window he was caught with a knife and more rocks in his bag He sends nudes of girls to his friends and sends videos of him cutting himself so we would feel bad for him and after everything? He basically begged me to come stay the night at my house. Obviously not. So Colton….this is my fuk you to you And you sir are the biggest pu55y I have ever fuking met Rot in hell you ugly b1tch.

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