Thunder Bay — She’s A Needle Junkie And Violent Also Lost Her Kid

Thunder Bay — She’s A Needle Junkie And Violent Also Lost Her Kid.She’s lost her child due to drug use cops have this all in file she’s been using needles, meth and meth pipes She has lost her a Lisence, smashes up my new truck k 4000.00 in damages. She has ptsd She stole 4 cheque’s and committed check fraud she’s had crack pipes in her daughters bedroom She lives in low income house. She’s red flagged with doctors and hospitals for drugs and drug use She buys pee and takes it with her to the doctors so she can piss clean to pick up her pills. she can’t get a job anywhere. She’s very violent she habe been reported to cops a dozen or so times. She can not habe her kid back she bas scans on her face and back from drug use. Ahe smells bad downstairs from the use of drugs and she has been in and out of rehab she has a ruminate recorded. She’s using all the time and very very vey violent. She’s been reported to rcmp many of times Her family hate her. Her mom had to put an alarm on her house due to her breaking in She’s been caught stealing once from shoppers and has been boosting from shoppers and wal mart pants makeup and other stuff. She trash talks her fiends calls then junkies and all of this has been gone through cas she’s not going nowhere in life and will ruin you the min you day no or turn your back in her be very careful if you get mixed up with this person she will destroy your life. She stole my truck left her kid alone on house with me and took off to her junkie friends for drugs at 3 am in the morning. Would not pick up phone and didn’t come back for hours if you habe kids and date this woman be care full she. The one thing she does to me to her daughter to her mother and friends is name and call cops on you There is proof of all of this and was reported to the rcmp and they will be taking care of it. Please be aware of this woman she’s very unstable on meth needles pipes and more. Careful letting her into your life as you will regret it If her own child and family disowned her then that should tell you something right there. There were dirty needles found in her house in her kids room and in the couch she falls asleep and burns cigarette holes into evsyting and ajea very on edge all the time when she gets mad she will threatin to sleep with other men like a man name Chris in Thunder Bay as she calls him a dirty whore. She bashes and trashes her fiends and family. Please take your time to check and see who she is. Be careful there’s more but it’s legal and can’t discuss. She also goes by Chantel stuckory names after her father.

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