Krystal Gillis And Rach Ls Nastiest H0es Of Tbay

These two are some of the most used up h0es in this city ! Both of them are “besties” who both ditch there kids to drink , do drugs and fuk around the city . Neither one of them know how to be faithful in a relationship and have cheated on every person they have been with. The most recent Krystal was with her baby daddy Stephan for years and started cheating on him for the millionth time in March and is now dating the dude she cheated on him with . Will be a matter of time before she’s either pregnant or cheats on this new one! Let’s not forgot how she also cheated on poor Stephan and got pregnant and told him the entire time the baby was his then the baby came out biracial ! Rach is the exact same , cheated on her poor ex tyler constantly , would even cheat when he was in the same house , making out with other people then cry to him and blame it on being drunk. Multiple people have seen her do this for years even at her own little parties. Poor guy was traumatized telling anyone who would listen about her cheating and catching her doing pills . Both these girls get sloppy drunk constantly and rach has a super nasty streak where she likes to start drama with anyone ! These two think they are hot sh1t and are untouchable so about time people realized who they really are ! Watch out for these drd infested girls , don’t wanna end up being another one of there multiple baby daddies !

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