Mario Daggett — Known Tattoo Artist And Actor Cheats On His Wife And Brings Home DRDs

The owner of Black Mirror Tattoo shop and La Altar is notorious on hitting females (mainly onlyfan models) on Instagram, his username is @Mario_Daggett. He usually brag about his tattoo shop and invites them to his work for free tattoos in exchange for sex. He’s cheated on his wife Pam (@pom711) multiple times and even brought home an DRD to her. He’s also an actor. He has no problem creating a secret altered life hidden away from his wife, where he discusses on him wanting to move out into his own place, how him and his wife aren’t together and how her daughter had a dead beat dad. His penis doesn’t even reach 5 inches and his weight toppled over 300lbs so you can have an idea that he treats his pecker like an outie belly button. He’s a D list actor, only can get rolls that fit his look, and barely brings home any $. He lives under his wife’s bills and rent, since she has a home inherited to her from her family. This guy is known to be talking to multiple women at once, creating fantasy scenarios for basic attention and bragging rights since his wife is a nobody, and no one really cares about being jealous over her. He’s a lunatic, sociopath and is a DRD carrier. STAY AWAY FROM HIM AND HIS TATTOO SHOPS

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