Kayla Wark — Fat B1tch!

Kayla Wark, who really likes her anyway? She’s nothing but a 300 lbs whale, she’s fat and she can’t even own up to the fact of it, I heard she hasn’t even had a real boyfriend in years she’s just always sitting at home, and wishing she had someone to call her boo! She’s close to 600 lbs she just needs to gain 300 more lbs and she’ll be goal weight! Her weight loss isn’t doing her any good I hate her that’s for sure she’s a useless person! she has no idea how many people in Thunder Bay actually hate her, she’s not worth anyone’s time hence why she can’t find a boo fugly b1tch man that’s what she is. She thinks she’s hot when she’s really not, no wonder no one wants her she’s a obese shamu whale who can’t find anyone!

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