Sarah Coffill — Manipulating Junkie Who Abandoned Her Kids!

I’ve known Sarah and her family for years and let me tell you Sarah is the most selfish person you will ever met! She will scam and take money from whoever she can! She has lied to churches and other diffrent programs that are suppose to be there for people that actually need it she will tell them whatever sob story she can think of to get everything things possible from them she even goes on to diffrent Facebook groups and lies about sstruggling to buy food and other things her kids need when she doesn’t even have her kids!! They were taken away awhile ago because she was always smoking Crack in her apartment with all her druggie friends whIle her boys watched. She will manipulate anyone that she can! She’s on welfare but lies to them about her sisuation so she can get more money she always got a bunch of money from the government because once again she lied and she got a bunch of emergency money they where giving to people because of the covid virus…. literally wasting it on drugs and hotel room fast food and more drugs! Making sure her and her dead best baby daddy have enough crack to smoke and pills to shoot up… but it’s fine because she’s going to be fuked soon because I know 2 people that will be calling in and telling them that she lied to get the cerb checks and that’s fraud! And her assistance worker will be called as well as cps. … she has ripped off enough people and has taken things away from people and family’s that actually really needed it… the girl is such a scvm bag that she told this program that helps single mom’s with getting things for there kids that she was so upset because both her boys had birthdays coming up and shes not able to do anything for them because she’s struggling so much so they went out and bought a bunch of brand new toys decoratsions gave her a gift card to get some groceries and cakes for them but the actual truth was neither of the kids had a birthday coming up nor did she have custady of them and at that point she wasn’t even aloud to see her boys because last visit she showed up high and the times before she just didn’t show up at all! So everything they got for her boys she sold all of it!!!! All for fuking drugs! Literally taking away from kids that actually need it she’s such a pathetic pig! Last time I saw her she was so high and wearing dirty clothes her hair was so greasy and omg the smell coming from her was foul! She no joke smelled like dirty nasty c00chie! I feel so heartbroken for her poor boys and everything she has put them threw no real mother hurts her kids and real mother definitely don’t choose crack over there kids either! I was able to catch up with her mom the other day and I really feel bad for her too she’s so embarrassed by Sarah she told me she doesn’t even like being around her anymore because she hates the person she’s turned into she can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. But at least she has Sarahs sister who’s doing very well for herself and she isn’t out there making a complete fool of herself and her family. Half the time she said she won’t even answer Sarah texts or calls because she doesn’t want to her all the lies and drama. Well all her lies and her scamming is soon to catch her because like I said there’s people that will keep calling until all her bullshit is out there! Maybe it’ll be a wake up call for her and she will finally put down the crack pipe and stop acting like some loser hood rat… all that money she took from the government could very well give her a huge fine and jail time but at this point her mom and her sister thinks that the best thing for her. RUN if you see this girl coming your way!

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