Marissa Marie Mcdonald — Put Down The Pipe And Get Your Life Together

Marissa Marie Mcdonald — Put Down The Pipe And Get Your Life Together. I’ve known marissa for a long time… even before she moved to the city and was still living home in Truro. Marissa was always into partying which led her into selling herself for money which got her into the harder drugs (which I partly blame on her parents) but I always believed she would grow out of it and do something with her life but she hasn’t…. now she’s doing needles and smoking crack thinking that no one can tell but just look at her pictures she looks horriable she is only early 30s but she looks late 30s early 40s might not see it in the pictures but seeing her in person it’s sad! We all thought her having a baby would change her make her want to do better instead she used her whole pregnancy and the baby was born addicted to methadone and pain killers…. it was heartbraking to look at the baby when he was first born he was so unhealthy looking and in so much pain because he had to detox from all the shit she was putting into her body. Then she statted doing better but she wouldn’t leave her loser boyfriend it’s like being with him was more important then her son she has so far lost custody of her son 4 times now she’s living somewhere in Halifax with the boyfriend wasting her life and not careing what so ever! Ripping everyone off lieing to her own family about how she’s doing and what shes doing…. lieing about having her son so people will give her things acting like a hood rat like it’s something to be proud about. She has picked men and drugs over herself and her son and I think it’s just disgusting. I can’t let her lie to her family anymore they have the right to know what she’s doing. It’s time that I send her mom a messages because it’s got to stop. Your loving messages that you post on Facebook about loving and doing anything for your son just so you can try and fool people so they don’t know the truth it needs to stop. You can’t say you’ll do anything while you sit there and do nothing! You can’t even love him enough to put the drugs down and get help or love him enough to get your life together and stop pretending that you have this good life! You can’t even be alone marissa you can’t even love yourself enough to do what’s best for YOU and your SON! Besides your kid nonone else should matter to you! But you just don’t fuking care! I’m calling you out and letting every one know the truth and maybe you’ll stop doing what your doing and be a fuking mother!

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