Amy Meekins — Skanky AMY!

This b1tch has been so jealous of me for YEARS! My name is always comin out her mouth when I was wit my ex Doug she would tell everyone that he fuked every girl and now I’m back wit the father of my son and she once again tryin to cause trouble. Its fuking pathetic she is an old lady trying to put me down when she be the one that used to walk around northend lookin for men to fuk so she could go buy crack you anit sh1t amy everyone knows you rip everyone off you and your loser man! You wont ever be me b1tch imma on a whole other level then your old a55 and I’m pretty sure you put me on here but if not your a55 needs to be on here so people know! You talk sh1t but when you see me you act like I’m your best fuking friend I not worried about you crack smokin a55 whIle judgin others! Fake b1tch! Because Im tired of people telling me that you were saying marissa this marissa that b1tch you’ll never be me!!! LOL! !! And keep Paul’s name out ur mouth to hes a way better men then ur man walkin around like you guys are something hahaha GOOFS!

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