Sam Santiago — Liar, Manipulator, Criminal, Floozy, Fraud

Sam b1tcheslovesmizzy is a lyin musty a55, drd, fraud. She tries to act like gangsta but is a fake and manipulator and uses the multiple men she’s fuking to pay her bills an buy her sh1t. She moves from state to state, usin fake names , an findin new n*ggas to use. her latest being in WA state but dis ho gets around she fuks wit Texas virginia, missouri, . As soon as she gets found out or spends yo cash she dips an makes a new name somewhere else . One mor fraudulent thing about this nasty , lyin a55 drd floozy b1tch is she got Drds.I know coz I fuked this b1tch In febrary and got the drd from dis n*gga . stay away an get tested.

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