Kody Skarset — Surrey Six

This guys been spreading his drds all over the island. Finally found out his real name. He goes by Percy in Campbell River where he slings pepsi for Biggie. After he bangs you hell slash your tires burn your Vehicles, beats up girls too. Complete loser. Brags about offing bikers. Light him up Nick.

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  1. Where is this skid? He stole and killed my sisters dog. Threatened to pedofile her daughter and do the same.
    Then he lit her car on fire and almost spread to the house when they were inside.

  2. This guy is a skinner, rat, stalker. He likes giving F to minors to ensure an ongoing clientele. Steals animals and pets to test his product on. He thinks hes 2 pac and will do anything for any gang. Crewjumper not to be trusted. Pooked out creep.

Zuzana Lukackova

Sam Santiago — Liar, Manipulator, Criminal, Floozy, Fraud