Lindy Woods — Is As Easy As It Gets

If you’re looking for someone who’s girlfriend material this is not the one. This broad is definitely not wife material I wouldn’t even hold her hand in public because chances are you’ll probably run into someone who’s also been in her. I didn’t realize how bad this chick was until you nodded out one time on the pinners and left her phone unlocked practically in my lap begging me to go through it. Lucky for me before I let her upload and photos of us and before I brought her around any of my friends. Dodged a bullet there. This chick is a player player plus if my slang knowledge is correct I’m pretty sure she’s a sugar baby as well as a cam girl meaning she bones old men for money and uses dildos on live cams for anyone with the internet to see. If that wasn’t bad enough… The sheer volume of men she was sending nudes to was alarming. Lindy there’s nothing wrong with being a busy girl. But don’t lead men on. And wrap it up. That’s it. Carry on now.

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