Robert Schlamp Douche Bag The Dirtys Finest Woman Beater

This guy really knows how to lie, cheat and beat on his women. He thinks that he’s God’s gift to woman, he recently been caught sleeping with his best buddies hef. Thrm when he gets found out he beats on his lady. He hit her so hard he split her cheek open. He then wants to hide hise his Christian background. Thinks he can keep beating on these ladies and saygs it’s ok God forgives me. He’s on conditions and is not suppose to drink. So you see his band head out don’t be afraid to report him. He’s the scum of the southwest. And he haas a new drinking buddy her name is loretta lesuk.thrsecteo are luke grapes, they will suck the dirty sluth life iyttta each other. Rob thinks he gets along in life with his dyck pretty small we’ve been hearing. This guy deserves to be put away for the sh1t he causes. Stay away ladies he has huge issues and it defiineyly ain’t his pants

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