Mel Paik Wa — Homewrecker

OK MELINDA, you sad sad excuse of a show up in mens DMs constantly, most of them in relationships including the one you just added on snap and instagram. You bring them over when your husband is out of town have sex with them then okay next to your husband like everything is ok in that same bed?! Does your HUSBAND not have a clue? What about your 2 kids. It’s amazing how many of our friends inboxes you’ve made an appearance. How many dicks you’ve tried to suck for what?! To make your own shitty life better!.. oh your husband is soooooo abusive that’s the sob story you tell everyone for attention. You sad sack of sh*t. Also stop pushing your lashes on everyone your a joke, your selfies arent cute and you’re making a fool of yourself. Ps LEAVE MEN THAT ARENT YOURS THE FU*K ALONE

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