Kristen Bear Partied Out Binger

Kristen Bear Partied Out Binger. This is Kristen Or krissy bear. She lives in flyingdust Saskatchewan frequents meadow lake and everywhere else around there. She goes around pretty much all of Saskatchewan on benders with her friends finding dudes to party with. So they can sneak in their pockets and steal what they can. Krisrenbhas full blown DRDs and constantly smells like she has a bad case of DRDs even through Jean’s. It’s disgusting. I went and partied for a few days at her house and her little kid just dropped the ‘Pepsi’s plate all over his face and she just laughed. Shes always hopping from dude to dude from rezes everywhere and brings them home every other weekend I had to stop hanging out with her she was too much. So gross

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