Shelby Fernandez And Ashley Gould — Bunch Of Punk A55 B1tches

Shelby Fernandez And Ashley Gould — Bunch Of Punk A55 B1tches. The people who wrote shit about my friend are a couple of punk a55 b1tches who don’t have the balls (and I mean that literally)to say shit to people’s faces. They have to resort to calling CAS on great parents and calling the cops for stupid sh1t while they try to destroy people’s property and have their’friends’ threaten a family with three small children with retired bikers. They’re nothing but a couple of a55holes who have made our neighborhood a complete sh1t show. They also had the nerve to bring my friends dead husband into their bullshit. They’re just a couple of pieces of sh1t that by the way let their dog sh1t on the common sidewalk. There’s so much more but not enough room.

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