Rachel Jess Carruthers — Needy And Easy

Rachel Jess Carruthers — Needy And Easy.This winner is desperate for love and will cling onto any form of attention. She will get pregnant within a few months. She has lied about being raped and was charged as a minor for it. She is a welfare bum with no education. No ambition just spitting out kids like a pez dispenser and handing them over to the dads. Loosing custody of her children due to children’s aid apprehending them last year didn’t stop her. She was pregnant again real quick with baby daddy number 5. All her kids have different last names and are so close in age. Embarrassing Her own family treats her like sh1t and cares for her children for her because she isn’t capable. She can’t afford much but you will see her at bars on child tax week. Add her on snap and you are sure to get to see her saggy Arby’s vag and saggy tits! Jail bird women beater Rob Burk please get out of jail and love this raggedy ann.

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