Emily Noelle Worsley — Unstable Clepto Crazy Bipolar Chick Cant Take Care Of Herself

Emily Noelle Worsley — Unstable Clepto Crazy Bipolar Chick Cant Take Care Of Herself. This girl likes to come on here and blast people from her little glass house. finally got off welfare to work 5 hours a week at the dollar store. thought you were enrolled in nursing for sept 2019 em? i guess thats hard without a highschool diploma. this girl is out of control breaks things trys to fight anyone. loves to punch dudes in the balls. every door in her apartment is busted and falling apart because she gets all angry and breaks things like a child. i have messages from her offering sex for groceries …no thanks I dont want your discharge all over me again thanks. and this is to give anyone else a heads up about what youre getting yourself into with associating with her. Talks sh*t about everyone in her life. she cant keep even friends in her life for any amount of time or have any actually healthy relationships. All it takes is her having an episode or it being found out how much crap she talks about everyone behind their backs. if you know her look forward to being shown her true colours. i caught this girl stealing change from my change jar while i was sleeping lol pathetic! and decided she should hold onto my cash for me to keep it safe but “looses it”… Unless you want to babysit a psychopath with the IQ of a board, stay away! tried to offer her a job she is not qualified for and could earn an awesome salary but she would rather live off of the system and others. she has no desire to work and earn a living…nor an ability too. This one is far from a prize, shes an anchor and will just hold you back. doesnt even brush her teeth (lost a front tooth and cant afford an implant so has a flipper lol) not exactly one to make your mom proud when you bring her home. she does not know how to tell the truth if her life depended on it. doesnt stop talking about how depressed she is and how she wants to die. Cuts herself and sends pictures of it for attention but wont take any proffessional help. tried blaming her mom for flushing her pills and not letting her get help and asked me to help her…set it all up like she asked (because apparently her anxiety is too bad to call anyone herself. Get some help! like longterm inpatient help , jeez

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