Norman Levi Barney — Worse Then I Thought

Norman Levi Barney — Worse Then I Thought.Stays in hotels uses a p.o box for a address. Dates co workers in different departments. Dates cam girls and women from other countries that are pros that he really thinks are dating him and love him that he buys gifts for. Norman is 54 and his wife Jennifer of kennewick will tell you they are together. He has resided with a girl he has sex with for over five years and calls her a friend. Norman is known to have about five different phones voip lines and has a problem with his phone dialing while he’s drunk at parties hitting on women while he is supposed to have a girlfriend.Norman likes to pretend to get ready for work and will show up in a company vehicle with perfectly clean work clothes on and sandals smelling like booze. Most of what I read is true that I looked up and Norman will compulsively lie. Norman is jealous he will also try to turn the tables on you and even tell you to call the person or his wife if you don’t believe him and he is always a liar

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