Valerie Giselle Arriaga — A Flabby Catfish

This girl is so annoying! Always posting about positivity and uplifting others but can’t keep friends. She got pregnant by her first child at 15, dropped out to be a floozy. She bashed her baby daddy Erick Botello on Facebook for being a bum and a druggie and ended up pregnant by him again. She was 17 and in her second pregnancy. She ended up losing the child. Being pregnant and underage didn’t stop her. She loves being out partying while her mom raises her kid. She posts her whole life on social media and definitely has daddy issues because her dad has been in jail most of her life. Once he finishes his 18 year sentence for drug trafficking, he will be off to Mexico. She is proudly following in his footsteps trying to be a trap queen, we will see how it works out for her because she couldn’t even trap the boy who dumped inside of her, and knocked her up twice. She stays in drama and loves to post herself smoking marijuana and partying it up while she wears clothes that’s about 3 sizes too small for her. You can see all of the flab in her thighs and stomach and she looks nothing like her filtered pics in real life. Sad that such a young girl looks so gross, but that’s what happens when you try to act grown when you’re still a child.

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