This greasy pig is Samantha Tomlenson Aka Samantha Blair AKA Samantha Barbie Blair Aka Piinksparkles. This fake “bisexual” b1tch is well known for being a scandalous h0e along with her boyfriend of the minute Austin Backman. She never showers and sits in her own filth all day in her apartment all day looking like a pepsi addict. Her man moved into her place and never acknowledges he has a newborn baby he should be helping to take care of, its sickening!!! He rather spend 24 7 with Samantha because she is so desperate she pays for everything. He must be into droopy butts because Samantha had TWO butt lift surgeries but all she does is sit on the couch stuffing her face and sucking c0ck, thats when shes not out on a drinking bender at the bar. She never exercised a single day in her life but she expects to get a nice ass from doing nothing, her ass looks like a poop filled diaper!!! Google “Piinksparkles BBL” its all over the web!! Im so sick of this ratchet hoe shaking her gross saggy a55 all over this city like she thinks she is so hot. Samantha you look like an alien you are like 4 feet tall with huge ears. She preaches to love yourself the way you are but im 100 percent certain shes already planning her next surgery because she hates her self..keep being a massive hyprocrite and also wasting your $$$ your youtube followers has hit its peak years ago and youtube dont last forever..better start budgeting miss thing

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