Marquize Torrez Rodriguez — Undercover Old H0e Marquize

This is Marquize she’s a washed up senior citizen closet lesbian she has a boyfriend who she is only with for money and still tries to fuk her ex husband too for money she cried when he would cheat on her and now she is a home wrecker slut! I heard she isn’t a good lay but is down for 3 somes. Only spending time with her kids now since the city shut down. She will do anything for money $$$ so throw your best offer and will do anything to make her self look good her huge bug eyes scream pepsi! She lives a double life undercover slut Don’t let her fool you she will fk your man and if your okay with it she will fk you too. Chubby and down to fuk. She works for the IRS that’s another scam she’s into doing! Be careful ladies and men.

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