Kim Sifuentes Project H0e 9kids

Kim Sifuentes Project H0e 9kids. This project h0e haves 8 kids and none of them are with her for the reason she’s a sh1tty a55 mother, diff baby daddies. She don’t even let my baby daddie see his own son that’s how much of a Jealous reckless mother she is with her black tooth . She’s live off the government Nd haves to free pod off my baby daddie.nokne told her to cheat on the father to my son Nd go get pregnant twice. And I’m the h0e? She’s all talk but ain’t about that life. I’m telling you give her shots of liquor then boom she’ll give it up the 1st night. Sadly to say how much of a Insecure Scandalous project she was Even kicked out of housing with her kids. But I’m the h0e? Okay. Well I’m still servicing my life with my kids . Well funny sh1t is that chuy listens to everything she says I call it pu55ie whoop , now I see why my son hates going to their house . Don’t bring ur kids around her. She’s a child beater. She should have swallowed her kids for her even hating on my kid.

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