Israel Unger — Woman Beater, Abuser, Floozy Buyer

Israel Unger is the founder of Crowdripple and Flint Farming Project. This seemingly harmless individual is a domestic violence abuser and raging alcoholic. He has beaten his daughters mother to a pulp gouging her eyes with his fingers in front of her son. He also abused her during her pregnancy. He preys on women and is a narcissistic, manipulative, lying and also closeted homosexual which is unknown to the church where he works Asbury Methodist Church. Often sleeping with volunteers and workers on his farm titled Urban Fresh Farm on the east side of Flint. This man mentally abused a woman to the point of her having a mental break down. He is not for the people of Flint. He is a abuser and liar. Please beware of him.

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Roberto Ruivo is a Pedophile living in Dubai UAE. United Arab Emirates.

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