Kristy Cyr Gordon’s Mattress

Kristy Cyr Gordon’s Mattress.So this h0e goes around fuking men without protection! It’s obvious she’s a h0ebag or else she wouldn’t be on here multiple times smh! I just want every guy out therr to know you should be wearing protection when you’re near this thing! She’s easy lil drunk!! I’ve heard she says she doesn’t even smoke but she been seen ditching her kids at home so she can drink & lift her legs! Grosse!! She’s just another sleezy h0e for guys wanting a lay! Hit her up guys she has NO TYPE She can’t even have a relationship cause she don’t know how to keep her legs closed or hasn’t any self respect for herself or her kids none the less! All anyone has to do is look at her to even realize she a h0e! Look at her hair my gawd it’s puke green! No class at all! No guy wants a relationship with u you Kristy u ain’t a housewife you are H0e!!! Remember that okay! It’s obvious from the last guy u lifted your scrawny a55 too! She has no curves just all flat!! No a55 No titties!! !! The last guy fall in? you will be bald soon girl all that hair falling off your head now?? Get a wig you might look a little better next time you’re in Regina trying to strut down 5th avenue!! No one wants you for a GF ! Oh and she always having baby daddy drama every other week! She can’t fight her own battles she’s always throwing somebody else’s name around! You’re too immature girl to be in a relationship like who takes pictures of there necks ?? Oh ya YOU do that’s gross trying show off some hickies that’s so childish! Proud h0e stat? You a a lot of Proud H0E stats tho FR! How many so called relationships have u claimed to be in this year alone ? every other week your switching men got laid and got dumped right after enough said

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