Maria Pal — Over Weight Fake

This chick needs to stop sleeping with all of Calgary… One of my friends slept with her and said she smelt down there so bad …. trash! Also she over edits her photos and all her brand name stuff is all her ex’s she STOLE!! Maria, stop over editing your photos. You’re still a fat a55 ….. your own family doesn’t even want you around. All your friends back stab you… you’re a pepsi whore who sleeps with men for free stuff. You are a low grade bottom feeder . You slept with your best friend Lexi bolds boyfriend , she even posted your pic and put your on blast lol. When are you even going learn. You’re so gross . Look at how edited her photos are , since when is the guard rail on a boat bent that bad . Chill h0e lol . Get your a55 on a treadmill !

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