Karin Roper — Joseph Street Junky’s Our Legs Are Always Open!!!

So Nik, This donkey Has been my best friend forever. I dated her brother James Roper(soon to come) for 10 sick and twisted years. Growing up together we shared many things, and had lots of great times and I miss those. Lately all we seem to share are men, dirty needles, the light bulb we smoke meth with and watching each other’s child while we suk and fuk whoever has a little bit of dope that night. Oh and I almost forgot a couple drds (Thanks Ken Wilson) Karin why don’t we dyke it out anymore we used too? We would spend hours going down on each other! James always suspected lol Is it my disgusting ratchet smelly pu55y? Or the fact that I am basically a lying junky clown piece of sh1t that takes more loads then a Kenmore washing machine? Either way no more black guys that was crazy last night!! They stinky donkey

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