This floozy lies to everyone trying to get with ur boyfriend in any way she can She with held telling people she is positive for drd …. yuck….. I mean Christmas is over shael. Keep ur presents to yourself u fat ugly store. Honestly like u say your a nurse. B1tch your just a care aid who works with seniors. U ain’t sh1t. I warned you. You chose to not listen…. in life we call those consequences for your actions. Lol I think it’s funny how u live at the corner house. And low and behold u are a white. Lol makes me smile. Anyways. Be warned everyone this meth addicted d1ckgobbling cumdumpster will give u drd. Nasty

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Samamtha Farmer — Meth.whore.Lying Cheating Goof

Quinn Houstan — Mrs. Cheater Houstan