Quinn Houstan — Mrs. Cheater Houstan

Dear woman- hide your boyfriends, hide your husbands! Someone that looks like you can be there friend, but in reality will come over to your house WITH her husband and after a couple drinks? HES pulling her off any man that’s in the house now don’t get me wrong I actually feel bad for the husband who’s obviously trying to make it work, but buddy you deserve better! YOUR TWO YOUNG BABIES DESERVE BETTER. Once she realizes you don’t drink she has no need to be your friend anymore- BUT WILL HAPPILY CONTINUE TO SEND NUDE PICS TO YOUR MAN. And whats sad that anyone that knows her and has been around her will tell you the same thing, if not worseThe definition of why woman get a bad name is your face. HOW about you be happy with the man you have cause he honestly treats you like a queen and not the alcoholic ,low life piece of sh1t human being slut of a mother that you deserve to be treated like.

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