Michelle Pearson — Drd Trash!

Here is pof’s famous local trash will pretend to be your best friend to get in to your life and fuk it up. This girl is an alcoholic manic b1tch who keeps poping out mens kids who she doesnt even know the father. Shes sleeping with a registerd sex offender who is a meth addict and she has her baby present for this. She has slept with so many people in the past month she has contracted an DRD and an DRD all in one. And last but not least she loves your SLOPPY SECONDS n if you have a baby with a man she will hop right on his d1ck n share all her DRDs n DRDs with your baby daddy she drinks so much n she doesnt take her meds so makes her crazy af she drank threw her pregnancy cuz she didnt want the baby she cant even take cair of herself its only a matter of time before she just gives this one up too ladys and gentlemen the pizza faced michelle pearson. Sincerely: karma

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