Desiree Case — Split Tailed Snakes In The Grass I Just Bought A F@Kin’ Lawnmower

WATCH OUT FOR THIS SNAKE ! Her words are like venom . She pretends to be your friend so she can get close to your man . Than the private messages start . All the while you think she is your friend she’s trying to Fuk your man . She has no regards to the families she is separating . As long as Desiree Case has d1ck in her vag , no one else matters . She tries to duck people of importance from the Monster Trick venue at the local speedway and was fuked and chucked and told to F-off . She plans trips with married men across the country and acts like it’s no big deal . She’s a sneaky snake in the grass . At events she waits for woman to leave their men’s side and slithers her way through . As soon as the woman returns she recoils back into her pit of doom . All Desiree Case cares about is fuking your man . Age is not a restriction . Beware of this split tailed snake as she’s common in PG & Quesnel. She sometimes travels with a herd member named Jasmine Sakawsky the two are like Donald trump and Justine Trudeau . You know who they are but hate to admit it lol . These two split tailed snakes would fuk your man in a heartbeat . Jasmine Sakawsky is the winner of f&&king almost every d1ck at the local PG racetrack with Desiree case not far behind. Het a lawn mower folks and keep your grass short to avoid these split tailed snakes

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