Susannah “Susie” Legg Sociopathic Cheater Who Dates Multiple Men

Susannah “Susie” Legg Sociopathic Cheater Who Dates Multiple Men. I was with her for over 2 years. Always talked about being a good Christian, and that she’d never cheat. She asked back one of her exes via a letter, simply because he looked at her during church. Shortly after that, she went to an airbnb with a man for New Years, “for a Christian event”. She refused to put our relationship out in the public – even on Facebook and other chat apps, yet she kept telling me I’m the only one she has ever wanted to marry. Also did not introduce me to people as her boyfriend. Even her parents called me a “friend”. I found out after she broke up with me that she was seeing another man during the last 8 months of our relationship. She still spent time with me on Valentines, our Anniversary, and throughout the year. She said she was depressed, but I had no idea. I talked to one of her exes, and it turns out that she did a very similar thing to both of them, dating at the same time for a period of time. Even going back to the original boyfriend for a time, simply because she was in the same town as him for vacation. She’s a sociopath, and grooms new men constantly for potential relationships. This is why she won’t make a relationship public.

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