Steven Green — Pathological Liar

Steven Green seems like a real sweet guy many of u know where he couldn’t possibly be anything else right?. Well wrong behind closed doors he’s a cheater a woman beater a father that could careless for being around. A fraud. A theif. Now stay tuned n read the juicy gossip below Steven Green snitched out his baby mama of 9 years after getting raided cryed his first night in cell. Reason why he did it he seen it as the perfect time for revenge Story number 2 when his baby mama got robbed and shotgun whipped n left outta town he cryed that night but than left the next day with no problem and messaged her friends and starting selling n hiding out at her sis in law’s place. And left her in worse condition than the shot gun all black n blue Story number 3 when in the right he will have everyone convinced u r not and won’t tell u he has drd since he hasnt had a break out but rumour has it if the doctor once said u did why not go back to clear up the rest.

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