Charmaine Sanderson — Easy And Down For Anything

Charmaine Sanderson — Easy And Down For Anything. This chick will spread her legs for any guy who even looks at her. She will drive all over to “meet” guys. She’s picked up guys fresh out of the pen, who she never knew before and brings them to her place and around her kids. Any guy will do she’s not picky but her absolute favorite are the ones in relationships. I don’t know how she does it but in the past few months she has slept with 7 guys in relationships on the Musk Rez. Nic S, Jo D, Hen B, Kad D, Sha Z, Bran D these are just a few of the men who are in or were in relationships while with her. She will date as many guys as possible. So if your with her just know she’s also with at least 2-5 other guys Although she probably wouldn’t steal your jewelry she will take your lingerie and try steal your man. I would get tested.

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