Chris Fry — Alcoholic Cheating Woman Abuser

Chris Fry is a drunk alcoholic who is unemployed. Lost his job, lost custody of his kids and hasn’t seen them in months, owes $9k in arrears ,REHAB DROP OUT, was driving a BMW that I paid for and now has no car, HOMELESS and jumps from couch to couch, compulsive CHEATER, chronic LIAR, money stealing THIEF, gold digging using a55hole! Do not believe a word this a55hole tells you. He has yet to hit rock bottom. He will take your money and never pay you again!! Try to be nice and he will use you and stab you in the back!! certified insane NARCISSISTIC! ALCOHOLIC!! Chris Fry is a woman abuser… he put his arm around my neck choking me and tried to snap my neck to paralyze me while sitting on my back. I want the world to know he was physically, mentally, emotionally, and verbally abusive.

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