Greg Lewis — Woman Beating, Drug Dealing, User

Greg Lewis is nothing but scvm, always has been and always will be. He is well known to the police. For many reasons some include beating up women, jumping guys because he is a little bi#$% and can not fight one on one. He likes to find girls he can use and live off of But this is all well know. He is back at it he is now currently selling drugs,meth,pepsi,weed,ediables, seeds and smokes all over face book and snap chat. He is always trying to hit me up to come chill lmfao as if you nasty pos and you have a girlfriend. You two make a very interesting but complete couple lmao both look like junkies. I did my research on this loser and he is nothing but a bottom feeder who thinks he is the sh#t because he sells drugs and in reality buddy you are a loser. All this while living with his new girlfriend and kids in the house. You must be a really good dad.

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Chris Fry — Alcoholic Cheating Woman Abuser

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