Travis Austin — Narcissistic Sociopath

Well this man is sick. Hes got a scat fetish. Soooo he will probably try to make and keep you drunk so he can try to convince you to sh1t in his mouth. He’ll deny it though because hes damn ashamed and know it’s disgusting. I heard hes also giving out DRDs. Hes a middle child and still lives with mommy and daddy even tho hes 24 ? He wont ever get his sh1t together and I’m positive theres incest between him and his slut of a sister. He always takes her into the washroom with him . Really creepy If you ask me. And if you grew up with him just know he’ll probably use your pictures just to talk to some ex hes hung up over. And hes also physically violent. And he never shuts up about himself. He thinks hes a rapper but hes got no flow or rhymes . Hes a fuking goof. And he cant even go 4x4ing properly I always hear about how hes getting stuck somewhere XD. So ladies be careful! Hes really fuked in the head.

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