Sarah Halford — Spreads Her Legs For Dope And Money

Sarah Halford is the worst whore ever. She is a narc/psychopath abusive TO her kids and her exes. She spreads her legs easy if she thinks she can get drugs and money easy to take care of her~ Ha!. Get this, she spreads her legs easy to someone who is in a relationship with children, which she knows about, HOME WRECKER~~~Doesn’t care at all!! And get this…goes all ballistic when he leaves her psycho A55 for his ex? Ummm…So now she is all crazy saying he cheated on her? hahaaah omg,and thus, the fuked up posts. Sarah, you need to get a bf or something. Quit Obsessing already! The weirdo texts are enough and the cops are getting bored with you!

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