Renae Esperanza Woman Abusing Cheater With An Escort Problem

Warning to women out there – this man is currently facing charges for hitting his ex gf and not letting her leave the home they lived in . He has cheated on his wife and every GF he has had with multiple escorts behind their backs and will blame them for it . Extremely manipulative and uses his good lucks and hippie persona to charm women under his spell then tries to control their every movement down to how they eat . An absolute psycho path who also threatens suicide constantly if you try to leave , is violent towards himself as well and has had multiple incidents with women . He is full of lies including about how he makes money – his parents pay for everything in his life at 34 years old as he is too crazy to hold down a job of any sort and is too spoiled . Highly dangerous and unstable . Please save yourself the trouble and heartbreak that countless women have gone through . So far we have been able to escape with our lives and health but the next one might not be so lucky .

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