Danielle Sims Heroin Junkie Watch Out For This Walking Drd She Will Rip You Off For Every Cent You Have Just To Get Her Next Hit!

I guess today the gossip is once a junkie always a junkie watch out for this walking DRD who shoves needles in every part of her body just to get that last little bit of heroin that she needs this chick not only does heroin&pepsi but she fuken does everything under the sun. Now that the sun is out she’ll be out watch out boys she’s on the prowl she’ll be looking for any guy who has money to pay for her junkie habit so sad she could have been so beautiful and had her s*** together but instead she decided to abandon her husband and her f****** kids for heroin and the streets o and not to mention she’s a prostitute watch out if you’re sleeping with her raw dog you never know what else is creeping in those veins besides the heroin #DRDS#Just wait till I see ya next!

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