Carlie Mout — Carlie Smells Like Trout

Carlie Mout — Carlie Smells Like Trout. Penticton’s cVm dumpster. Carlie is a real nasty one. She likes to sleep around and now that she’s been single from her ex Ron who knows what she’s been up to, so look out boys don’t be fooled by a pretty face cause I’m sure it burns when she pees too(she sucks a lot of d*ck so look for the drd on her lip if you decide you want to take a try like everybody else has). Ron never did her wrong but she still went and cheated on him a bunch and even caught drd while she was at it, fuking nasty trout smelling b1tch! She just likes to pretend she’s a good person but everybody should know she just really isn’t, she’s just nice but don’t be fooled by it.

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