Brandon Marcotte — Slandon Marcotte

Well ladies and gentlemen this guy here is a fuking piece of sh1t. He deserves to rot, this piece of sh1t will slander you manipulate you and force feed you his lies, he wished death upon my family and myself when I was suppose to be his girlfriend. I was leaving town for Christmas to visit my family and he didn’t want me to go, while I was out of town he was doing so much drugs, sending me naked pictures of girls. So I told him I wanted to break up and come grab my stuff from his place. Well he wouldn’t give my stuff back he stole my $2500 computer, and a bunch of my clothes. I then found out later down the road this piece of sh1t put my pictures on porn hub. Brandon marcotte is a manipulative piece of sh1t that deserves no one. And to die alone.

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